Tafiq’s Extreme Tabata: TXT DVD Workout Series

Tafiq’s Extreme Tabata: TXT DVD Workout Series

Tafiq's Extreme Tabata: TXT DVD Workout Series

  • Tafiq’s Extreme Tabata is the ideal workout for busy people with no time to waste.
  • Burn up to 9x’s more fat in 20 minutes than a full hour of cardio.
  • Major studies from around the world have shown that TXT-style workouts promote the after burn effect, allowing the body to continue burning fat for up to 36 hours after the workout is over.
  • DVD set includes 9 fat burning, muscle toning and body changing 20 minute workouts, nutrition guides, quick and easy meal plans w/ recipes, 4 workout calendar options and a FREE Bonus HardCORE Ab Blast workout
  • You will double your endurance, boost your power and strength by up to 30%, increase lean muscle tone, incinerate body fa,t improve your balance, increase your flexibility, and completely transform your body

Do you work long hours? Are you busy with the kids? Do you think you have no time to workout?…THINK AGAIN!
Maximize your workout without monopolizing your time. Just 20 minutes 3 times per week to physiologically transform the shape of your body. America’s Healthy Lifestyle coach & fat loss specialist, Tafiq Akhir has created a program based on fitness techniques that have been proven in major studies to get results fast. Tafiq’s Extreme Tabata is a highly effective and time efficient workout

List Price: $ 74.99

Price: $ 87.00

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